Western Inspired Jewelry

Express the Freedom of Our American History with Western Inspired Jewelry

Our Western Jewelry Collection is inspired by the freedom and the strength of character that defined the Rocky Mountain states as our young country raced towards the Pacific Ocean. Starting with a profound respect for the tools that helped craft the culture of the Victorian West we began our collection with what we lovingly called our “Horsie Ring”.

We quickly expanded that line to include several rings and western bracelets that venerate the valiant beasts that helped us win the west. Knowing that firearms were another of the tools to help carve out communities in the deserts and mountains of the area, we designed several pieces featuring the bullets that protected our families and livestock. We then shifted to the astonishing openness of the plains to create a line of women’s western rings filled with all the lights of the night sky. And for all the ladies who know what it means to be a true cowgirl: earrings, bracelets, and western necklaces that are made to be strong and beautiful, just like the women who wear them. For those couples that know what working with your hands feels like, we have created Western Wedding Rings that are both strong and powerful, but won’t get in your way as you use those hands to make each day better than the last. For those events in your community where you need an extra sparkle, we took a page from the Victorian era. With intricate filigree and shining silver we bring you a set of western bracelets, women’s western rings, and western silversmith earrings that will show the whole party just how much class you have. We believe that the spirit of the west is alive and well in our community and we want to support and commemorate its soul of adventure and duty. Our Western Jewelry collection is here to keep the best parts of our past alive and to make sure we hold onto them as we move into a brighter future.

Western Jewelry


Western Sets

In our Western Jewelry Collection you’ll find all kinds of pieces, from Victorian jewels to Western Wedding Rings, that are inspired by our corner of American History. There are a million stories that start in our mountains, and we try to capture those stories in our western silversmith pieces. Almost none of those stories would be possible without the horses that helped to build the west. We wanted to capture their strength and their nobility in our Galloping Horse Ring and our favorite western bracelet: The Horse Story Cuff. This collection wouldn’t be complete without our unique Copper Bullet Earrings or our concho style Cowgirl Earrings. These are a perennial favorite with those who live in the modern west.

For everyone who loves the open sky and brilliant constellations of our rustic landscape we have gorgeous, western, silversmith ornaments to decorate all the people willing to reach for those stars. Catch a Western Star Ring or show your shine with our Shooting Star Earrings. See the sparkle of the Milky Way in a gleaming opal next to the pale curve of a perfectly full moon captured in pearl. Put them together in our Opal and Pearl Bracelet and Earrings for an expansive feeling in a beautifully encapsulated package. No Western Jewelry Collection would be complete without Western Wedding Rings! Our Western Wedding Rings are designed to fit your active lifestyle. Whether you are working on the farm, riding in a rodeo, or just out on the mountain, this beautiful ring won’t impede your activities and won’t snag on ropes or equipment. When it’s time to party, we have everything for the modern cowgirl: earrings, bracelets, and rings in a Victorian Style. So, check out this sterling collection for all your western jewelry desires!