Josh Kline's hands handcarving jewelry

Western Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Welcome to Ouray Silversmiths! Creating designs that are unique and powerful is what Ouray Silversmiths does. The mountains of southwestern Colorado are teeming with the plants and animals that inspire our handmade jewelry. And, we have worked for years to express their grandeur, grace, and glory. Explore the natural beauty of Colorado through the skilled hands of these western silversmiths. Our jewelry is so evocative because a silversmith has an intimate understanding of each unique piece of metal he works by hand. Our jewelry design is both potent and personal. Our style is our own, but is influenced by the western silversmiths who have been capturing the rugged beauty of the mountains for generations. All of our jewelry is hand carved and hand engraved. We believe each piece that you receive should be just as unique as you. Our Jewelry Designer, Josh Kline, is passionate about exploring both the natural world around him and the intricate relationships in the world of metalworking. His jewelry design is constantly evolving, so you will see new and exciting pieces as his hands follow his imagination! Ouray Silversmiths, located in Montrose, CO, will help you keep your heart in the mountains by keeping the mountains close to your heart!

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