Bridal Jewelry

A Ring as Unique as Your One True Love

You are unique. Your relationship is unique. And, when it’s time to solidify that relationship you need a unique engagement ring. We believe that each relationship grows and changes as one person learns from another and that person then learns in turn. At Ouray Silversmiths we are always learning new techniques to create an engagement ring as enduring and beautiful as each of the loving partnerships they represent. We are always making new and powerful pieces. Whether it’s engagement rings for women or men’s engagement rings we will create something that fits you perfectly. While diamond engagement rings are the current standard, we love to create non-traditional engagement rings. Each unique engagement ring that we send out into the world is a bond that ties us to another set of loving hearts. Diamond engagement ring, Western engagement ring, Mountain engagement ring, or any other piece of beauty…we will create a ring as special as you.

Bridal Jewelry


Bridal Sets

Now, it’s time to plan your wedding. We are always excited to create wedding bands and wedding sets for the excited brides and grooms! Whatever the engagement rings, for women or men, we can create a beautiful mate as your wedding band. If you decided on diamond engagement rings, a rustic wedding ring can create a truly unique set. If you decided on non-traditional engagement rings, then an elegant band can create a beautiful dichotomy. Men’s engagement rings are an exciting new development in this field and we are ready to make a wedding band that is its compliment, without either piece becoming overpowering. Finding the best way to express your true unity is a mission we love to undertake. Thank you for letting us send a little bit of beauty out into the world on your two hands clasped in love.