Mountain Inspired Jewelry

Starting From Far Away Peaks We Create Beautiful Handcrafted Masterpieces

How do you begin to design a collection of lasting beauty? With one iconic image that makes the soul sing. And, that’s how we started our Mountain Jewelry Collection. Our San Juan Mountain Ring was its seminal creation. Can you imagine holding a beautiful mountain range in your hand? We did. We poured that powerful inspiration into our Mountain Range Rings. From there we started crafting more sterling silver mountain jewelry so everyone could have a piece of the San Juans. A mountain necklace, a mountain bracelet, and mountain earrings flowed from the hands of our silversmith next. Each mountain ring is carved by hand in our workshop with those same mountains just outside the window. Do you want to keep the mountains close to your heart like us? A mountain necklace is for you. Do you want to feel the energy of the mountains flowing through your limbs? Our mountain bracelet is your answer. Explore this collection and discover which mountain range rings truest in your heart.

Mountain Jewelry


Mountain Sets

Our silver mountain jewelry is unique. Unlike the majority of mountain themed jewelry that you’ll find, ours is specific to the beautiful mountains we see every day. Our Rocky Mountain Jewelry is true to the San Juan range, not just is spirit, but in form as well. We carve each of the slender peaks of the Cimaron range. Each valley and crevice of the mountain is apparent on our Mt Sneffels Pendant. Does a beautiful mountain near you have a special significance? Let us create a mountain wedding ring from that peak, just for you. Our latest inspiration brings the mountains to life with a brilliant titanium blue sky as the backdrop for our handmade mountains. We will continue to let the mountains inspire each new addition to this collection we create for you.