How do you make a local jewelry store thrive?  With gratitude!

Ouray Silversmiths Inspiration

Mountain collection heart necklace

Firstly, thank you!! Thank you for your support of our local jewelry store. We have spent the last 11 years with such an incredible amount of gratitude in our hearts. Ouray Silversmiths has been so blessed to have a group of such loyal clients. And, we have been even more blessed that you bring your joy and your laughter with you every time you visit our store. Who knew that a little storefront in Ouray would become a center of beauty and inspiration for a whole mountain range! We had a dream, and you helped that dream become a reality. You are amazing!

Now, it’s time for our next big step.

We have created elegance for our clients and have tried to move with grace through our community. Now, it’s time to invite the rest of the world to see what an amazing community can create. When everyone’s hearts are beating as one we can support the best in each of us. We are launching our new website to help everyone see that our world is full of natural beauty. But, the world is also full of human beauty. We can’t wait to continue offering wonderful care to all the amazing clients of our local jewelry store. Now it’s time to reach out into the world to find all those who share the conviction that these mountains and all that they contain are one of the truest inspirations left in our world! Bridal collection ring close-up

If you love us, leave a review!

If you have had as wonderful an experience with us as we’ve had with you, and you want to help us grow, please leave a review on Facebook or Google Reviews. We love to hear from the great people we’ve created relationships with over the years. We can’t wait to hear from you and find out all the wonderful stories that keep our little store moving forward!