Smiling in the Sunset

Life isn’t easy in the mountains, but it sure is beautiful! This week, look outside and inside. Have gratitude for all the beauty we see and all the beauty we make with our own two hands.

The Spirit of the West

The Spirit of the American West. Strength and Beauty. It’s alive and well. #OuraySilversmiths #Colorado #SanJuanMountains #Jewelry

Amplified Beauty

The beauty of the #alpenglow amplifies her beauty. We create #jewelry that does the same. Check out http://OuraySilversmiths.com to see elegance inspired by natural beauty and the beauty of nature....

How Craftsmen Save Us

Human hands are capable of wondrous feats. Over the millennia we have used them to create tools that have taken us from isolated tribes to the masters of our world. Many have said that it wasn’t until we had surpluses of food or wealth that we began to create...

Three Branch Cuff Bracelet

The latest addition to our Online Store: The Three Branch Cuff Bracelet for those who know that simplicity is elegance!

Jewelry: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Ephemeral Beauty or… You know what it is. That perfect sunset. The song that hits your soul at just the right time and timbre. The moment when your eyes meet theirs and your heart feels like it will pop out of your chest. You know, in that moment, true beauty....